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We won't be sending you customers that you don’t want. With our platform, you have the flexibility to decide which type of customers you want to be in business with.

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Discover what makes them unique

Understanding your potential customers is crucial. Anna will help you determine your customers’ interests and activities so you can decide who you want to work with while growing your business.

Find them at the right location

No matter if you have a restaurant and want to target a 2km radius; if you have a law firm that offers country-wide services, or even if you own an online store that ships worldwide, with our platform you can easily choose where to find your customers.

It's all about the people

In the end, your business's success is all about the people you serve. We give you the possibility to reach them based on personal characteristics such as age, gender, income or relationship status. They’re your future customer, so it's your choice.

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