What is Google My Business and how to use it

Rita Amaral
October 13, 2021

Google is more than just a search engine. It compromises many services that bring value to both customers and businesses.

Currently, you can use Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Forms, Chats, Google Maps, Google Search and Google Ads. Businesses can also use Google My Business as an online tool to increase awareness in the digital environment, better engage with customers and provide helpful information to attract new clients.

Here’s some more information on what it is and how to create an account today.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is essentially a company profile in the Google network.

It is a free tool that allows businesses to promote themselves on Google Search and Maps. You do this by creating a profile to interact with customers, publish updates regarding your services and see how clients rate your business.

This profile also enables you to respond to comments, publish pictures and special offers. If you add your website, you also create a channel to maximise traffic.

How does it work?

Whenever people search for your company, it will show them all relevant data: telephone number, street address, website, working hours. You can also add more information like recent photographs, special offers and promotions.

Imagine you are a restaurant. If you have a Google My Business profile, users can quickly check when you are open, the reviews you’ve received and what your premisses look like with just one search. If they use mobile, they can click on the icon and phone you immediately, facilitating reservations and customer contact.

Google My Business also works with product and service companies that have an office. It is an excellent tool to improve your site’s SEO. Google values websites that follow SEO best practices and have updated information.

Best practices to follow when using Google My Business

With this account, your business will appear in Google Search and Maps.

When someone is travelling and looking for a place to have lunch, they can find your business on Google maps and go directly to your address. This is vital information for potential clients and increasing sales.

To have a good Google My Business profile, follow these 4 best practices:

  • Keep your profile updated: remove services that aren’t available, edit opening hours during holidays and publish high-quality pictures.
  • If a customer leaves a comment, respond to them, even if it is not the nicest comment. This is a free channel for assessing customer satisfaction, and other potential clients will see that you give them attention.
  • Let clients book your services directly from the app — a simple way to increase sales.
  • Share a new offer with followers so they can add more recommendations to your service.

The most important aspect is to keep your information updated, especially if you are going to be closed on holidays or change your opening hours. A more updated profile will also show people you are open and active.

How to use Google My Business on Google Ads

With this free company profile, you can create and verify your business on Google, and the business information can be shown in Google Maps, Google, and Google Earth when someone searches for your business name or category.

If you have a Google My Business account, you can connect it to the Advertio App and use location extensions. These ad extensions will display your business name, phone number and address with your ad to help customers connect with your local business.

Create a Google My Business account

The best way to do this is to visit the official Google page and sign in with a Gmail account. Introduce the standard information (address, website, phone number and opening hours) and enrichen it with pictures and details about your service.

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