How to select the best keywords for your ads.

Mariana Machado
May 8, 2020

What keywords are and why they are so useful.

Keywords are words or small phrases that search engines use to match your ads with what people are searching for when looking for a solution. When you create ads on Google or Bing, you should keep in mind what people are typing in the search bar when they search for a product or service similar to what you offer and use those keywords to help search engines find your ad, maybe even using them in your ad copy.

Keywords also play a very important part when it comes to search engines displaying results. This has to do with SEO — standing for Search Engine Optimization — which essentially takes your ad and keywords and matches them with what people search for, so as to display results in terms of relevance. For example, if you own an Italian restaurant in Lisbon, you should include those words in your ad and add them as keywords, since people usually type the area they are looking for as well as the type of cuisine when looking for restaurants.

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Here are a few tips for getting started:

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

As mentioned, the first step is to put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about what they are likely to write in a search engine to find your business. To do this you can write down a few categories that fit your business and then come up with a few words or phrases that people would use to describe those same categories.

Consider the target of your ad.

You should also think about what your target audience is interested in to make sure you add those keywords when creating your ad. This basically means that you should not only think about your business in general, but also keep that specific ad in mind. For example, if you own an Italian restaurant in Lisbon and your ad is to offer a free pizza, you should also include keywords that relate directly to that promotion and not only the restaurant itself.

Optimise your keywords.

As with almost everything in online advertising, once you launch your campaign you should try to improve it based on the results you get. That is to say that once your ad is online you should analyse which keywords got the best results and which did not convert as you wanted, in order to either change them or keep the ones that work.

Also, don’t forget that your ad copy itself is very important and you should use some of the most relevant keywords in it, to make sure that your ad is well positioned on the search results.

If you still don’t feel comfortable coming up with keywords yourself, Anna — advertio’s AI Assistant — can offer some suggestions for keywords based on your specific ad and business so that you just have to choose from our suggestions and use them as inspiration to add a few others. To do so, head over to and start creating your campaign with the help of Anna’s suggestions.

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