Growing at Advertio

Mariana Machado
March 4, 2021

I joined Advertio precisely two years ago — which can be quite a long time in startup years. When I arrived, we were a small 10-person startup in Lisbon, and I was hired to create content and take care of Advertio’s communication strategy. Back then, our small team was composed of a designer, a project manager, two frontend and three backend developers, one data scientist, myself and João, our CEO.

Starting a new job is always somewhat difficult, and communicating what we do required a learning curve. I needed to know more about the product and the company to write something about it. I was lucky enough to inherit Diogo’s work, who previously took care of Advertio’s communication, moved on to be our Project Manager and is now our Head of Operations. Having a previously determined structure and voice was a great way to get started.

Two years in, I’ve grown professionally, my daily tasks go far beyond creating content, and I know the company well enough to write or talk about it whenever we need to. To celebrate my second anniversary at Advertio, I decided to write about why this is a team worth joining.

Evolution is key

Some people usually assume that startups can only capture young talent. While this is somewhat true, there are many startups with senior professionals on the team.

At Advertio, we started as a startup built by younger people. We have now grown into an experienced team in many ways. Our team of 25 has ages ranging from 20 to 50, each with their own experience and professional background. This creates a learning environment where everyone has something to teach but also something to learn.

We know that not only age counts for a team’s experience. In fact, at Advertio, we value each individual’s growth and development, encouraging them to keep learning, no matter their age or years in the field. At the same time, we know how valuable it is to have people who joined us when Advertio didn’t even have a running product, so we lean on those people’s experience to guide new team members.

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As I said above, I joined Advertio as a content strategist, but I now have far more responsibilities. I still write and am still in charge of the company’s communication strategy because that’s something I love to do. At the same time, I’ve evolved into a more business-facing position, supporting our CEO in daily tasks with clients and the team. This has been particularly exciting for me as I was always interested in the business aspect of building a team, and this has allowed me to grow not only professionally but also personally.

And it’s not only me — most of us who joined the team a few years ago have seen their positions evolve and welcome new challenges and responsibilities to our daily tasks. This is particularly important because as young professionals, it’s essential to be part of a team that keeps pushing us to grow and continue learning, no matter how much experience we have in a specific area.

Join us

I’m proud to say that everyone that joined the team this past year is thriving. We have increased our development, marketing and product teams by welcoming people from all over the world. We currently have people working across multiple countries in Europe and America, all of which have adapted easily to the work environment and are a perfect fit for our culture.

In 2020 we doubled the team; this year, the growth continues. We’re looking for more talented people who want to join our team and help us democratise the online advertising market.

If you think you could be a good fit, check out our Careers page. We look forward to receiving your application.

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