Facebook Ads: Advertio suggestions for better conversions

Rita Amaral
September 22, 2021

Facebook ads are one of the most valuable and effective ways to advertise online. According to official numbers, the social media network has more than a billion people connected to small business Facebook pages.

People visit their Facebook newsfeed multiple times during the day, there’s an opportunity to impact people in the morning, afternoon, and night. In addition, people share their data on the platform, so it is possible for advertisers to know a lot about their ideal customers: where they live, what their interests are, which mobile device they use, which pages and groups they follow, and so on.

Using the Advertio app, you can create automatic Facebook ads following the best recommendations from Anna to increase your optimisation. You can also create personalised ads to meet your business criteria.

To have better Facebook ads that allow you to convert users into customers, here are 5 suggestions from the advertio team.

1 — Experiment with Facebook carousel

Facebook ads have the option of creating Carousel ads. They are tailor-made to display multiple products in a swipe ad. Showing multiple images is useful for e-commerce websites to showcase products of the same category or create different images for the same product like computers, bags, and others.

You can display up to 10 images or videos, and you can customise each with a different call-to-action, meaning you have 10 ads, 10 images, 10 call-to-actions and various links in one ad. This helps you to understand how images and landing pages can convert better.

Use it for mobile and desktop ads and traffic or click conversions.

2 — Try video ads

Video ads have a lot of impact on your online ad strategy. Videos are a great way to connect with people because they put together images and sound, and even text, bringing out emotion from users and making them connect with your message, brand and product.

In Facebook ads, you can create in-stream videos (videos that appear in other videos), videos that appear on newsfeeds and even in the stories. You can also create a video slideshow, adding more power to the story you want to sell.

Use video ads to show your product, quickly capture attention and deliver a single message that will easily stick in the user’s mind. You can also use different video lengths to fit your various goals and placements.

For a good video ad, tailor the message to your audience, apply good storytelling and focus primarily on the first seconds. People scroll through their newsfeed so quickly that you need to catch their attention as soon as possible.

3 — Use remarketing techniques

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, when surfing the internet, you find a website, click on a product and then, when you open your Facebook, you receive ads about the product you were just seeing?

Welcome to the magic of remarketing on Facebook ads. Remarketing aims at showing ads only to people who already interacted with a page, a product, or specific content.

By using this, you can continue to establish a relationship with the user beyond the first interaction. Only a few people buy something the first time they see it, so remarketing techniques help businesses expose their message to people who already know them, increasing their conversion opportunities.

In your Facebook ads, run remarketing campaigns specifically. For example, run ads for people that saw “product A” in the last 7 days and offer them some kind of discount.

For this type of ad, it is important only to choose people who have already interacted with said content and to personalise it with a clear offer. Also, don’t show the ad to people who already bought the product. With these simple tips, you can increase your conversions and brand awareness.

4 — Be mindful of image sizes

When it comes to images on Facebook ads, you must follow design recommendations and technical requirements so that the platform can approve your ads.

The Facebook Ads Image Guide gives you a complete description of every format you need to account for, whether you are using ads on Facebook, Instagram or even Instagram stories.

In terms of images, follow the platform recommendation and the aspect ratio for each placement. The same picture won’t appear the same across Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, so adapt this.

Use high-resolution images that clearly display the product, service, or brand without adding too much text. The message can also be used in the carousel format. A pro tip is to always preview the ads before running them and make the needed adjustments to guarantee image ads are displayed in the correct format.

5 — Check out what your competition is doing

Want to know if your competition is using ads? You can see what they are doing with Facebook Ads Library.

Within the context of providing advertising transparency, Facebook allows you to check out a searchable collection of all the ads currently running across Facebook apps and services and Instagram.

Select the country, the ad category and a search term. You can collect ideas and industry best practices. Never copy an ad, though. It will be considered plagiarism and won’t work anyway — you have your own audience and business goals. Use it as a guide to refine your strategy and group ads.

These are some tips you can use to improve your Facebook Ads. Connect with your audience, use video and different formats and improve your remarketing techniques to increase results.

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