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Mariana Machado
November 11, 2020

Our platform has been live for a while now, which means that we have had enough time to assess how our clients’ campaigns perform and see where we can improve to achieve the best possible results for them. This time has also provided us with the opportunity to look into which types of businesses choose Advertio more often and the results they usually attain. 

After analysing our data, startups represent one of the categories that most use Advertio and which have seen in our services the opportunity to grow their business risk-free. With little time to spend and big milestones to accomplish, founders and their teams usually need solutions that make their everyday life easier and allow them to save time (and money) wherever they can. 

At the same time, and generally speaking, startup founders are usually pretty knowledgeable in basic marketing terms and processes, meaning that once they see our website, they’re left pretty curious about how they can start using the app.  

What are startups usually looking for when contacting Advertio? 

While this is true for many business categories, startups usually need to grow fast and make quick progress in a short amount of time. This is because they’re often looking for investment opportunities or are trying to consolidate their market position, meaning they need tools that will help them accomplish those goals. 

That said, our experience tells us that startups usually use Advertio either to spread the word about their products or services, to get more sign-ups on their websites, or to achieve more app downloads. No matter which of these goals they choose, they usually see in Advertio the opportunity to make their Digital Marketing efficient, mainly because they have many other business aspects to focus on. 

With Advertio, they’re able to save time and money and be autonomous in their entire digital marketing process. Working with Advertio makes it easy to manage all their efforts on a single platform, while also providing them with detailed information about how to improve their performance. 

How does Advertio work? 

As mentioned before, Advertio is very simple to use. Once a user creates an account, they simply have to select how many goals they want to achieve, such as clicks, downloads or sign-ups. We only charge a fixed price per achieved goal -  not fees or subscriptions. 

After setup, the user can select Automatic Creation and have our Smart Assistant Anna help in every step of campaign creation. She’ll suggest the right message, audience and keywords specifically for that startup’s product. While Anna provides suggestions for all the steps, the user can also add more ads, audiences and keywords manually as well as edit all her suggestions according to their preferences. 

After these steps, the user just has to select the budget to complete the campaign. We offer three different budget recommendations, each with its amount and number of possible goals. Just like with every other step, the user can choose a different amount if they prefer. 

How much does Advertio cost? 

Zero. We don’t charge monthly subscriptions or additional fees. Our clients only pay for the results they get. For example, if your startup is looking for more downloads, you’ll only get charged once someone downloads your app, nothing more. 

Here’s a breakdown of potential scenarios: 

Advertio estimates that Business A will pay 3,58€ per download. 

- Let’s say they get 50 downloads in a month:

3,58€ x 50 downloads: 179€

In this case, this business will spend 179€ on that campaign in a month. 

- Now, let’s say they only get 10 downloads: 

3,58€ x 10 downloads: 35,80€

This means they would only spend 35,80€ that month. 

As you can see, our users are only charged per results, making this a 100% risk-free solution. 

How can startups improve their performance? 

Our experience tells us that campaigns should run for at least two weeks before making changes and assessing what worked or not. This happens because networks need some time to spread the campaign to the chosen target audience, which can sometimes take a few days. Once that part is resolved, we still need a few days to see who’s interacting with the messages to understand if we need to make some changes or not. 

To help startups see how their campaign is going, Advertio has created detailed reports that allow users to see how each aspect is performing to make the needed adjustments. On the dashboard, users have access to all the details and information they need to start making decisions and improving their next campaigns. 

This information includes data about the audience, such as which age group is getting the best results; keywords - where users can see the keywords that got more clicks and how much they cost; and budget information, where they can see how they’re money is being spent across the different networks.  

How to make sure Advertio is suited for your startup 

Over the last two years, Advertio has helped dozens of startups boost their business, so we’d be happy to talk to you and answer all the questions you may have. Seeing as it’s free, we always encourage our potential clients to create an account and explore the app beforehand. 

If you’ve done so, have a few questions and would like to book a demo or talk to someone from the team, please send an email to You can also contact us on our website’s chat to arrange a time that works for everyone.  

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